Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Plans for the future

It's been almost a year since 7/22 and I've been thinking about where to take things from here.

For the past five months I've been writing about Anders Behring Breivik on The Commander Anders Breivik Report collecting documents, transcripts, videos, links, and reporting on the trial based on the life reports I read. There's still some work to be done, like writing a blog post about the second psychiatric report, the verdict, and new letters and documents I might get my hands on. I'll also try to keep the list of links to fellow Breivik supporters up to date.

Obviously it's a matter of time until the next bomb goes off, and this blog will be the central place to go for independent pro-European commentary.

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately, my own fatherland will fall under the sharia before the KT ultimatum ends.

    Even the so called "Conservative" party of germany (CDU, christlich demokratische union/ "Christian" democtatic Union) give up to wage ressitance against the Islam.

    For example in the City Cologne: Formerly it was known to have one of the greatest catholic Cathedral in europe. Now the Conservative party (who got even "christan" in their name) supported the build of the biggest mosque in western europe.

    With the betrayal of the CDU, germany is defenceless in politics. We got six major politcal parties: FOUR of them are left/ cultural amrxistic, one is middle and one was conservative.

    Also the number of potential KT Supporters is extremly low, nationalism and christianity are unpopular. 30% of germans are atheists, and the most of them doesn't even agree with the christan culture (even national socialist are fighting the christinaiy in germany).

    I feel like i am the last christan-nationalist in germany, who would give everything for god and his fatherland.

    There are two options for germany.

    Number one: it becomes (again) a socialist contry
    Number two: it becomes a islamic god-state.