Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Writing to Eivind Berge

Three weeks ago Eivind Berge, a Norwegian militant anti-feminist was arrested for glorifying violence against system protectors and confessing that while in an aggravated state of mind he contemplated carrying out a violent attack. Officially he's been charged with inciting violence, but in truth he's an ideological prisoner. Breivik's life sentence is obviously unsatisfactory to the system, and many more people will be jailed until the score for 7/22 is settled.

Acknowledge that Berge is not a nationalist, judging from the postings on his blog he is a libertarian who takes a centrist position on social issues. He's primarily concerned with getting laid and the opposition to the anti-male feminist laws that have been introduced in Scandinavia in recent years.

Recently Berge got himself a girlfriend, and hopefully he'll assume his natural role as a protector and start to worry about how to keep her safe in an increasingly unstable multicultural society. He might get a good idea of what Norway's future will be like in prison, where non-White colonists make up the majority.

In 2083 Commander Breivik envisions a broad alliance of factions that oppose the totalitarian Cultural Marxist rule. It's important for supporters of militant nationalism to show solidarity to those who oppose the system, even when there are ideological differences. 

I've confirmed Berge's prison address and if you want to write him a letter you can do so at the following mailing address.

Eivind Berge
Bergen fengsel
Postboks 224 Ulset
5873 Bergen

Update on July 26, 2012:

It looks like Eivind Berge will be released shortly because the Norwegian high court doesn't consider a blog on the Internet to be in the public sphere, as such it doesn't find Berge guilty of publicly glorifying or inciting violence.

Update on July 28, 2012:

Eivind Berge has been released until the supreme court gives a final ruling next week.

Update on August 2, 2012:

The Norwegian supreme court has ruled in favor of Eivind Berge and it looks like he's going to be a free man.

Norway will probably introduce some new laws in the near future that make politically incorrect blogging a punishable offense.

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