Saturday, August 11, 2012

Distribution of 2083

I've placed 2083 online in four file formats: .doc .pdf .mobi and .html.

The html file makes it easy for people to publish the document on a website, and the .mobi file will work on the Kindle and other e-readers that support that file format. The page also contains links to Russian and German translations, both are still works in progress.

2083 has been upload all over the Internet, but keep in mind that when you have the choice between linking an internationalist, centrist, or nationalist site, you should always link to the nationalist site.

The reason for this is that Google determines the importance of pages based on the number of websites that link to a certain page. With the additional file formats and links I might even fool a couple of suicidal humanists into linking to it.

The Cultural Marxist media uses the same strategy, they primarily link to politically correct sites, and promote sites that actively enforce speech codes, like YouTube, Facebook, and PayPal.

It will be difficult to change the apathetic attitudes of nationalists. I am planning to do some research and provide a list of websites sorted by category and their level of censorship. It's pointless to invest time and effort building up a YouTube or Facebook network only to end up getting banned, or having to constantly engage in self-censorship.

Some will argue that you'll reach more people on Facebook and YouTube, that's true, and there's no reason nationalists can't organize large propaganda campaigns targeted at these sites, but most of our energy should go into rival websites that support freedom of speech.


  1. I like what you are doing Angus, too bad you seem to be in it all alone, yours is the highest quality resource, I hope you can serve as example

    1. I have been cherry picking parts of 2083 to read for the past week as I have been reading, An Idiot Abroad: The travel diaries of Karl Pilkington. But, once that is finished, I will read 2083 in it's entirety.

      Can't wait for Anders to publish his diary from prison. Will be an excellent read.