Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wait until Mandela dies

Often when a European pisses off an African in South Africa they'll be told to 'wait until Mandela dies'.

A concept that has been ingrained into the South African conscious is that when Mandela dies it's time to kill a bunch of White people. It's unclear to what degree Cultural Marxism has managed to promote racial harmony in South Africa, or as appears to be the case throughout Western societies, that its promotion of the oppressor role of Europeans only results in hatred for the oppressor no matter how often and vigorously Europeans prostrate themselves at the alter of Political Correctness. White South Africans have been subjected to low intensity genocide ever since the ANC gained power in 1994, as a result 15% of the White population has emigrated since.

The notion that anti-racism in essence means anti-white is one of the reasons Anders Behring Breivik classifies Cultural Marxism as a hate ideology.

Mandela turned 94 last July and it's unclear how much longer he has to live. Recent news coverage reports that Mandela is in the hospital and is looking frail and is unable to speak. There is no mention about the threat of genocide by the mainstream media, though the tone of the news articles are quite serious, so there might be a subconscious effort to prepare the West for a worst case scenario.

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  1. uhuru!
    1. Will it really happen?
    2. Will the media report on it?
    3. Will the media spin it as a 'legacy of apartheid', wounds that are hard to heal?